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Spring and Autumn pitches at Hvidbjerg Strand Camping 2023 with a fixed price 

 All Fixed places are booked for spring 2023

Specifically valid for pitches with a fixed price 2023

The price is valid for the household with children under the age of 18 living at home. If anyone else makes use of the caravan, you will have to pay the standard charge per person + pitch charge per night.

The "Fixed Price" offer, is possible from March 10th - June 18th or from August 20th - October 27th.
Everyone gets a current meter. This ammount are to be payed at the end of the season.

General rules:

  • There must be a solid bottom in the awning in the form of battens, pallets, Isabella floors or the like. The bottom MUST be raised from the ground so that the grass can get air.

  • Do NOT lay plastic or tarpaulin over the solid bottom and down around the sides. It is important that air can get under the bottom. Carpets must be laid on top of the solid bottom. The bottom must NOT reach further than the awning itself. There must be no blankets, felt tablecloths, plastic tiles and the like outside the awning.

  • Dog fences must be set up.

  • Leather sails must NOT be set up during periods when the space is empty.

  • Do not dig on the site.

  • A "skirt" must be mounted on the caravan towards the awning. Do not mount a "skirt" on the back of the caravan, as air must be able to enter under the caravan.

  • In places with fixed tables and benches, these must not be moved.

  • As guests, you are obliged to keep the grass turned into an awning and caravan throughout the period. Should the grass unexpectedly not be kept, we will carry out the work at the guest's expense.

  • There is free access to water parks and playgrounds in all periods, and wellness costs 30 DKK in period E Monday to Thursday for people over 16 years (Does not apply to April 18th, May 26th and June 6th). Applies only in connection with accommodation (once a day for 3 hours in the water park and wellness).

  • All overnight guests and day guests must contact the reception.

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