Beach Villas

Some of the most luxurious Beach Villas in Denmark have a spa on the terrace and room for 4-6 people. 

Our new Beach Villas are ready for guests right by the beach and right beside our new Beach hotel.

The 23 beach villas on each 85 m2 with room for up to 6 people all have a fireplace and a spa on the terrace. This is a new and exciting kind of vacation for you and your family. 

The Beach Villas will be located with direct access to the North Sea's beautiful and child friendly sandy beach. The only jetty on the west coast of Jutland is located here, and there are tons of amazing things to do: Bathing, playing in the sand, windsurfing, stand up paddle surfing and Open water swimming.

Guests in the Beach Villas have free access to Hvidbjerg Strand's wellness center (one entrance a day for people over 16), water park (one entrance a day for all guests) as well as the playground Play City (free access) and all other facilities.

Barbecuing ia allowed.

Dogs are allowed.

Winter in the beach villas

You can book your stay at the beach villas all year round on tel. +45 75 27 90 40.*

*Please note that the water park, play centre and wellness will be closed in the winter from October 29th 2017 - March 13th 2018

Also have a look at the brand new apartments with their own kitchen at our Beach Hotel.