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Free Wi-Fi

Read all about the use of Wi-Fi when you visit us.

Hvidbjerg Strand offers free Wi-Fi on the camp site. However, please be prepared that the wireless network sometimes works less than perfect as many factors affect the quality:

When the wireless signal needs to pass through trees or even a forest, the signal is weakened. When the leaves on the trees are wet, the signal is weakened further.

Buildings are also an obstacle to the Wi-Fi signal. Thick walls and thatched roofs constitute a significant barrier. Often the signal will work outside the caravan but not inside. This is due to the fact that the signal is weakened significantly when it goes through the caravan. The same goes for cars. Usually the signal is much better outside the caravan.

There is a large military radar close by the camp site. At times this has a major negative impact on the strength of the signal.

For a stable signal please go to PlayCity and other buildings. Often you can log on when you are close to one of our buildings and "carry" the signal with you further into the camp site.

Since all of these conditions are dynamic, you will notice that the signal will vary over the day.

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