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The Fisherman's cabins are 35 m2 and have room for 4-6 persons.

The Fisherman's cabins are located in the right beside the playground  Play City and a large outdoor playground. Three of the cabins are located on the banks of a newly built lake only connected to the "mainland" by a bridge.

Some of the fishermen have their own spa on the terrace.

Book a fisherman's Cabin with three overnight stays mid-week including:

• free wellness for all guests above 16 years (once a day for 3 hours)
• Free entrance to the Waterpark (once a day for 3 hours)
• Free unlimited access to the Play City and Trampoline Center
• Final cleaning

We are looking forward to welcoming you to a unique cabin holiday by the North Sea.

Book online or call us at +45 75 27 90 40.

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