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Our brand new trampoline park is ready to invite every jumping enthusiast in for a fun time!  

We have upgraded our entertainment catalog and added a trampoline park to our handful of wonderful children's offers. The trampoline center measures 600m2 and has everything a happy jumper can dream of.

If you need a break from the jumping Hvidbjerg Strand Holiday Park is a stone's throw away from one of the best beaches in Denmark. This means you always have access to the beautiful Danish nature.

2 big wall-tramps

Trampoline track

Big trampolines with a soft landing


On holidays and in high season and week 41-42 there may be time restrictions and be closed to external guests.


Sunday - Thursday



9 am - 6 pm

9 am - 10 pm

9 am - 10 pm

Peak season*All days9 am - 10 pm


Sunday - Thursday



9 am - 6 pm

9 am - 10 pm

9 am - 10 pm



Sunday - Thursday



10 am - 6 pm

10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 8 pm


20/12 - 23/12


25/12 - 30/12

10 am - 8 pm

10 am - 2 pm

10 am - 8 pm

New Year



10 am - 2 pm

12 am - 6 pm

Week 7 2024

9th - 24th Febuary 2024

10 am - 8 pm

accommodation with free entrance to the trampoline park

Stay in a cottage, hotel or campsite and get FREE entrance to the trampoline park, water park, large indoor Play City, wellness (+16 years, camping guests only in selected periods), fishing lake and much more.

Our various trampolines and equipment

A day in the trampoline park is a day filled with smiles and grins for the whole family.

We have trampolines for everybody and when you get tired of jumping up and down - why not jump on the walls or practice your somersault in the air?

In our trampoline center you will find trampolines everywhere, also on the walls! Come and try our 2 large wall-tramps and challenge your jumping technique and balance. Or how about a trip to the new trampoline track that ends with a soft landing in our foam pad?

You can also spend your time on our airtrack, where you can practice your somersaults or grab a ride on the 2 large trampolines where you land softly in a giant pillow!

Day ticket for our trampoline park

Buy a day ticket for our trampoline park and get free access to a bouncy heaven as well as our large Play City for just 100 DKK per person! You do not pay per hour but per day and we can promise you that there is NO ONE does it cheaper than that.

Quality and secure jumps

The well-known and respected Danish supplier of gymnastic tools and trampolines, PE Tools, has been responsible for the delivery of all our trampolines and equipment. There is no compromise on either safety nor quality, and only the best materials are used for edge cushions and drop mats.

Information on the trampoline park

You can buy food in the playground's café, which can be accessed directly from the trampoline park. It is possible to buy water, soda, slush-ice, food and snacks for those who need some extra energy for more jumping.

It is possible to park close to the trampoline park.

When you need a break from jumping around, you can enjoy our large Play City which offers slides with free fall, a huge climbing frame, climbing walll and much more. When you have bought access to the trampoline park, you have free entrance to the Play City as well.

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