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News in "Blaavand Kurbad & Wellness": Exclusive wellness nights.


Try the Exclusive Sunset Wellness in "Blaavand Kurbad & Wellness". You will expierience an exclusive wellness. 

Exclusive Sunset Wellness starts at 20.30 and ends at 23.00 and is for both ladies and gentlemen.

The event is open for both guest on Hvidbjerg Stand and others.

You can relax in the many saunas, spas and other facilities and you will enjoy sauna mist, cava andfruit during the night and tapas as a late night snack.



Entrance: 350 DKK
20 minutes of massage: 200 DKK

We offer both facial, hotstone and wellness massages.

Please note that slippers are mandatory. Bring your own or buy some at the help desk for 30 DKK

Dates 2018: (in preparation at the moment)


50 guest per event - don't hesitate to make a booking on +45 75 27 90 40 or

You are one step closer to a great holiday