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There is a good chance of pampering yourself in our wellness facilities

  • Outdoor salt pool.
  • Cold water pool.
  • Outdoor spa.
  • Warm water pool.
  • Relaxation pool.
  • Resting room.
  • Kneipp system - cold "water-stream".
  • Resting spots.
  • Foot vessels with heatbenches.
  • Steam sauna - classical Finnish sauna where water is poured on the hot stones.
  • Fire sauna with open flame effects.
  • Infrared sauna. Especially good for back and joint pain, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease because the heat penetrates the tissue. Ideal for sport injuries.
  • Soft sauna (50-60 degrees) with a little bit of steam is a mild sauna which combines the advantages of the sauna and the steam bath.
Steam baths

Experience the classic steam bath with up to 100% air humidity. Herbal steam bath - warm tile covered room where you can apply moisturising mud that will be gradually washed off the body by automatic rain water showers in the ceiling.

Mineral grotto (40-50 degrees) - a dry room enriched with strong saline minerals. By inhaling the saline air you will achieve therapeutic impact that affects the airways in a positive manner.

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