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...and only for girls


Wellness for girls costs 300,- and includes a sandwich, a glas of wine and of course alot of water.

It is also possible to get a treatment that day. If you want to get a treatment it costs 200,- for 20 minutes. (contact us to learn more about the different treatments at theses evenings)

If you want to know more, or make a reservation please call us +45 75 27 90 40 or write an email at

Please notice that bath slippers are required. You can bring your own or buy them at the reception for 30 Dkr. 

It is also a good idea to bring more than one towel.


Wellness for Girls 2018 - date and time:
Date Time
14/3-18   18:30-22:00
18/4-18   18:30-22:00
30/5-18   18:30-22:00
13/6-18    18:30-22:00
29/8-18   18:30-22:00
19/9-18   18:30-22:00
3/10-18    18:30-22:00
24/10-18    18:30-22:00
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