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Environmental responsibility

We use the heat from the ground and the energy from the sun,

so you can be spoiled on your vacation while your conscience is clean.

At Hvidbjerg Strand, we take good care of the nature, so you and your guests can relax and enjoy life with a good conscience - now and in the future.

In the ground under our campsite, we dug down 6 kilometres of tubes for our geo thermal energy plant - and it is one of the largest ones in Denmark. On the roof of the buildings, we have built large solar cell panels that exploits every single sun stream all year round. It is from these installations that we collect the energy for all the hot water you can enjoy in our wellness center. So dive on down in it with a good conscience - it is almost CO² neutral.

Have you spottet the wind mills on Horns Rev? It the the largest sea wind mill park in Denmark and you can see it from our beach, when the weather is clear. The mills deliver electricity to many houses in Denmark including the buildings in our resort.

The excess heat from coolers and freezers in the store, we use to heat up the Water Park. The water waste is pumped directly into the big modern cleaning plant in Varde, and we have installed water saving technics in our sanitation buildings. So just take a shower with an already clean conscience - but please treat the water supply with care.

Hvidbjerg Strand Resort

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