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For season 2022.

Periods 2022
Period AJuly 8th - August 7th
Period B

July 1nd - July 8th

August 7th - August 14th

Period C

April 13st - April 18th

May 25th - May 29th

June 3st - June 6th

June 24th - July 1nd

August 14th - August 21nd

Period D

April 8th - April 13th

May 12th - May 15th

June 17th - June 24th

August 21nd - August 28th

October 7th - October 23th

Period E

March 15th - April 8th

April 18th - May 12th

May 15th - May 25th

May 29th - June 3th

June 6th - June 17th

August 28th - October 7th

October 23th- October 30th

Periode F 


January 1st - March 15th 2022

October 30th - March 13th 2023

Please notice by winter camping only a specefic area is available. Only Building 70 is open and there are no fresh water and drain on the spots.


See our opening and closing offers, family weekend offer and other offers.

Further information

Hvidbjerg Strand Resort

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