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Handicap facilities

At Hvidbjerg Strand we also have great accessibility

for wheelchair users and other physically challenged visitors.

We recommend that you call us so we can have a chat about your wants and needs, and so we can clarify what is possible with the facilities we offer. Some of our Beachcottages and northseacottages are handicap freiendly.

Accessibility for wheelchair users

Roads and paths:

Almost every road and path at the campsite are covered with tiles and can be used by wheelchair users without precaution. To get to the beach as a wheelchair user you can use the path made of wood lamellas going over the sand dunes and almost to the water's edge.

Toilet facilities:

Wheelchair friendly toilet and shower facilities are to be found in most buildings.


Accessibility to the restaurant is great in most cases.

What runs less smooth

Water park:

There are no lifts in the Water Park, and we do not have wheelchairs that are specially suited for use in swimming pools. It is not possible to visit the cave and the 1st floor of the Water Park.

Wellness Centre:

There are limited opportunities regarding the facilities of the centre. It is unlikely that the hot tub on the ground floor can be used. The spa with music might be used. Use of infrared sauna, fire sauna and mineral sauna is not a problem.

Play City:

There are no elevators.

Fishing lake:

There are no stone-paved paths around the lake.

Further information

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