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Glamping is a combination of the words ‘glamourous’ and ‘camping’. When you visit Hvidbjerg Strand Resort, we guarantee that you will get both.

We take pride in creating vacation-experiences that suit everyone’s needs – regardless of whether you favour luxury camping or Glamping Lodges with lovely facilities. Glamping signifies a form of camping that includes facilities that you normally would not think of in terms of ‘regular’ camping. Glamping gives you that extra sense of comfort on you camping holiday.

At Hvidbjerg Strand Resort, you have the possibility to park your camper van or caravan on a pitch that has an adjoining toilet, shower and spa so you do not have to share any hygiene-facilities with other guests on the campsite. The luxury pitches are undisturbed and are located near the big fishing lake. Moreover, you only have a few minutes to the wide, sandy beach and the beautiful North Sea. You can also book one of our Glamping Lodges which are luxurious camping cabins with space for 2 persons. The cabins are furnished with a double bed, a kitchen and, not least, an outdoor shower that gives your vacation an extra outdoor twist.

Glamping in Europe

All campers are as individual as stones on a beach and, therefore, we strive to expand our facilities all the time and create settings that can please as many vacation-hearts as possible. The primitive vacation in nature has become more and more popular, over the years. Guests that would usually search for comfort and hotels now have their eyes on other holiday experiences. Therefore, glamping has become a popular form of camping which is why we have expanded our assortment of camping pitches and created something that can make the most luxury-searching guest smile.

Our XL Luxury pitch leaves very little wishes unfulfilled, as we have thought of even the smallest details of creating a glamourous camping experience. Glamping is for families as well as for couples who desire to spend some nice quality-time together on a camping holiday, while not compromising with the luxury that other vacation experiences may offer.

At Hvidbjerg Strand Resort, you will spend your vacation in the most wonderful surroundings by one of Denmark’s loveliest vacation areas by Blåvand and Hvidbjerg Strand. The area itself constitutes a great luxury in terms of possibilities for an active holiday in the nature, long walks on the beach and exciting attractions, such as the Tirpitz Museum, the lighthouse at Blåvandshuk and Blåvand Zoo right around the corner.

Glamping by the North Sea

Speaking of amazing surroundings, we cannot miss to come across the North Sea. The beach by Hvidbjerg is one of Denmark’s most western points and the North Sea is as spectacular and outstanding as the rest of the Danish west coast. The beach is perfectly located in shelter of Horns Rev and, therefore, this beach area is very child-friendly, as strong current is very rare.

By the beach, a bathing bridge is established right where you cross the sand dunes from the resort. This bathing bridge is the only one of its kind by the North Sea coastline. It makes it possible for both winter bathers and wheelchair-users to get very close to the roaring North Sea. If you are searching for an incredible experience by the beach, regardless of the season, Hvidbjerg Strand is the perfect place to start. You can enjoy the sun throughout the day and watch the beautiful sunset in the horizon by the end of the day.


Complete the feeling of luxury with a wellness-experience in our wonderful wellness center where you can relax in the pools, baths and saunas. You can also schedule a massage appointment for the whole body.


At Høfde4 you can get top-class food and surroundings. It is a wonderful experience that pleases your taste buds and all other senses in your body.

Glamping in a cabin

If you are not one of the lucky owners of a caravan, there are other ways to experience luxurious vacations on the best campsite. We offer holidays in our wonderful Glamping Lodges which are unique camping cabins with an extra touch of luxury. The cabins are suitable for a couple, friends, siblings and others who need a relaxing vacation in surroundings that offer the best of camping in a beautiful combination with cabin comfort.

If you want the complete package of luxury, you may plan your day starting with a dive in the ocean, a relaxing experience in wellness, a wonderful dinner at Høfde4 and then ending the day with a glass of wine on the terrace. All days have the potential of creating life-long memories. We can almost guarantee that you will fall in love with camping and cabin holidays with extra comfort and luxury.

Wellness center, water park, Play City and trampoline center

As a guest in one of our cabins, as well as in our hotel and beach villas, you have free access to Play City, waterpark, wellness and trampoline center which can all entertain both adults and children for hours.

In the water park, all ages are considered, as we offer everything from child-friendly pools to wild water slides and spas. For the youngest, you can find a calm waterslide which gives them a sense of independence.

In Play City and the trampoline center children exit with warm cheeks and a smile on their lips after being motorically challenged and feeling the butterflies in the stomach on one of the long slides. The trampoline center is ideal for beginners as well as for practiced, as there is space for both gymnastic jumps and somersaults.

While the kids burn off energy on the trampolines and in the climbing racks, the parents can enjoy a well-deserved break in the wellness center where the batteries can be recharged and you have time to focus on each other. Overall, a vacation in Hvidbjerg Strand Resort is an amazing time for the entire family, for the couple that wants rest and romance and the friends who want to be active and enjoy delicious food in beautiful surroundings by night.