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Hvidbjerg Strand is a magnificent holiday park and campsite for children.

Families with children get the optimal setting for a happy holiday with opportunities you can only dream about on a camping or cabin holiday.

At the campsite and in the nearby areas you will find a number of fun activities regardless of the children's ages. The children love our Water Park and Play City, but Hvidbjerg Strand has much more to offer for children and adults with childish spirits.

Here are some of the many experiences for children at the campsite:


The campsite contains a great number of playground equipment for children: Trampolines, jumping pillows, water playground, forest playground, climbing trees and climbing frames, mooncars and many other things. For the youngest children we have closed playgrounds with walking cars.

Indian camp

We apply war paint, make needlework and light the bonfire in the large indian tent while we are having a good time. Totemcamp with wigwam is fun for young and old indians.

Try digging after gold in our goldmine, and see if you are a real goldigger. We will turn your gold into a goldmedal.

Totemcamp is open every Saturday and several times during the week in the peak season. So come and say hello to the great chief.


Make a piping hot and delicious twistbread at the indian camp for free.

Facial paint

Turn yourself into an indian, a wild tiger or whatever else you wish to be with facial paint in our Western camp.

Tropical Water Park

The Water Park at Hvidbjerg Strand resort has everything you need for an amusing time in the water!

Gigantic play land

Our huge indoor play land, Play City, is a true paradise for kids. It has play towers, slides, trampolines, climbing walls, play fields and so much more.

You are one step closer to a great holiday