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For guests from outside, admission can be purchased all days of the week, except Saturday.

It can not be expected that around holidays, school holidays and Christmas / New Year there is room in the wellness center for guests who do not live in the holiday park.

There are special / shortened opening hours for Christmas and New Year.

When winter hits, it may happen that the outdoor pools are closed or open for a limited time.


NOTE: Age limit 16 years.

Bring your own towels, bathing shoes and water bottle.

Winter period 31 / 10-21 - 3 / 3-22
(Does not apply to Christmas, New Year and week 7)

Monday - Thursday10-16

Week 7 (12 / 2-22 - 19 / 2-22)


Spring and Autumn 2022: 4 / 3-26 / 6 and 29 / 8-30 / 10

Monday - Wednesday10-18

Holidays (does not apply on 2nd Easter and 2nd Pentecost)

All days9-20

Summer   (27/6 - 16/7)

All days9-20

Summer   (17/7-1/8)

All days9-21

Summer  (2/8-28/8)

All days9-20

Week 41-42 (9 / 10-23 / 10)

All days9-20

Remember to bring your own towels.

Treatments are to be booked in advance on phone: +45 7654 2518.

Prices (Max 3 Hours)

Camping visitors above the age of 16:

Free admittance once a day, Monday - Thursday in the off-season (period E and F - not valid on April 18th, May 26st and June 6st). Outside of this time the price is DKK 100,- per person.

Cabin visitors above the age of 16:

Free admittance once a day, 7 days a week, all season.

Other guests above the age of 16:

DKK 300,- per person.

Please notice that bath slippers are required. You can bring your own or buy them at the wellness reception.

You are one step closer to a great holiday